Construction on the Lake Springfield Postal Club began in the early 1940s.
Post office employees donated over 50,000 hours on weekends, evenings and days off to complete the building. The tools and equipment were much different in those days. A team of horses and a slide bucket were used to dig out the basement. There were no cranes to lift trusses and other heavy building materials.
The Postal Club officially opened in 1948. Total construction cost was approximately $15,000.
Over the years the Postal Club began bringing in new members to perform some of the jobs it takes to run a club like this. They included plumbers, electrical workers and many other trades.
In 2005, there were only two of the original Postal Club members left.
In 2000 the Postal Club merged with the Springfield Firefighters Local 37. In 2001 the firefighters burned down the original Postal Club to make way for a new building.
The new club was completed in 2002. Total construction cost was $3.6 million.

The club house is surrounded by 5 acres of woods, with boat houses, docks, beaches, parking lot, sidewalks, bandstand and much more.
Business affairs are handled by Board of Directors elected each year by the dues-paying members.